Vision statement: To be a Diverse, Responsive and Inclusive community of residents.

Our Culture

New Zealand has a rich multicultural identity and a diverse tradition that ranges from Kiwiana kitsch to traditional Maori crafts and world-famous cinema. Blending Maori, European, Pacific and Asian cultures, modern New Zealand uniquely combines this diverse mix of cultural and historical influences to create a national culture that’s all its not just a huge influence integral part of New Zealand culture and society as a whole, and taking the time to– in art, language, performance, food, and much more – is simply a must-do for any overseas visitor.New Zealand has a relatively short human history, but a fascinating one, and there’s in the country to pique the interest of history buffs, or those just curious aboutevents in and development of this nation in isolation at the bottom of the world.

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Meet our amazing team.

Kia Ora koutou, Helen Lowry is a family run hall with the heads of hall, Charlotte and Michael Hoare.They are living on site with their three teenagers and fur babies. Helen Lowry is also governed by a  supportive Board who are all volunteers and have a keen interest in the development and growth of residents while they reside at the Hall. With a history of more than six decades, we are proud of connecting people from across to globe to provide them with a friendly, collaborative living environment and balanced lifestyle.

L-R: Daniel Hoare, Charlotte Hoare, Michael Hoare, Dylan Hoare and Adalia Hoare

Administration team.

Amy works as the deputy head of the hall. Her responsibilities include all aspects of managing the hall administration, organising big events and working with the RAs to create a welcoming and engaged community vibe. She is the the Hall's Director of First Impressions as is likely to be the one answering the phone or greeting you with a smile when you first come to HLH.

Dianne works part time providing financial support to the Hall. Her responsibilities include all aspects of finance and managing the payroll. She is a member of the Board and reports to them monthly.  If Dianne is not in the office she can be contacted by email.

Residential Advisors (RA's)

We have five Residential Advisors who are senior residents responsible for different areas in the hall. Each RA also holds a portfolio, including well-being and life skills, activities, international students and academics. They help to manage the community and general resident well-being.
They have all been first year students themselves and are here to help!

Kitchen Team

Allan and Shy-Anne have been keeping the bellies of all residents well and truly full and always have a welcoming smile and a open ear to the needs of residents. The hall caters for all varieties of diets and take special care with those who have particular needs.